About us

Founded in 1945, etampa has developed into a leading company with international operations in the stamping and fineblanking sectors. On 7,200 sqm of factory space, etampa operates lean engineering and high-performance toolmaking facilities and an ultra-modern fineblanking and stamping production plant. At etampa, most of the customers are based in the automotive, electronics/electrical engineering, construction and medical/safety technology industries. Our fineblanking and stamping produces sophisticated parts to our customer's precise requirements – parts that almost always play a mission-critical, safety-relevant role in the final product. This applies not only to vehicle brake/safety systems and electric motor components but also to instruments used in medical technology, household appliances or lifestyle products such as toothbrushes, shavers or furniture fittings.

Employing around 100 people, etampa also maintains a subsidiary in Illinois, USA and is majority owner of joint venture with etampa-metra a.s. in Blansko/Czech Republic.


etampa ag
Solothurnstrasse 172
2540 Grenchen Switzerland
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