For the finishing touch.

It's something we pride ourselves on at etampa: depending on drawing specifications, post-press finishing may be necessary for parts manufactured by fineblanking or stamping. Examples include requirements as regards hardness, burr-free finishing, corrosion protection, contaminants, roughness or leak-proofing. At etampa, our expertise naturally extends to providing the necessary know-how for these processes.ADDITIONAL PROCESSING

Finishing the job – quite literally.

The finishing touch from etampa: most parts produced by fineblanking or stamping processes will require deburring during post-press finishing, since burrs or flash can cause the part to malfunction or – in the worst-case scenario – could endanger a person's life. Processes such as vibratory finishing or belt grinding, brushing and chemical deburring help ensure etampa always delivers premium quality. Even if these post-press finishing methods for stamped or fineblanked parts don't deliver the result we're looking for, etampa can still turn to technologies such as ball burnishing, disc grinding or double column surface grinding, electrochemical polishing or flat honing. For etampa customers, one thing is always certain: the stamped parts we deliver can be installed directly, with no ifs or buts. That all our work is completed to ISO 14001 environmental standards is all part of the service.

etampa: everything under control.

All heat treatment and surface finishing work on fineblanked or punched parts is carried out by certified etampa technology partners. Here, too, customer product safety is naturally assigned the highest priority as etampa always takes direct responsibility for all work, even if external partners perform post-press finishing.

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