Meeting the highest standards in toolmaking.

Each of the high-precision dies manufactured by etampa has a critical role to play, since it has a direct influence on the quality of the parts and the output level achievable. And since we want to ensure that part quality and production output is optimised in each and every case, etampa sets uncompromisingly high standards for tool design engineering and tool making. Each and every progressive and compound die tool made by etampa is fine-tuned for optimum performance in stamping and fineblanking work. They incorporate a multitude of separate work steps and satisfy the most stringent customer requirements.

Workload and function in toolmaking.

Successful toolmaking requires more than tool dimensioning and high-precision die construction. At etampa, we also take pains to ensure that these dies are engineered to ensure they are continuously capable of handling their specified workloads and production volumes. For highly complex applications, etampa dies often combine multiple steps into a single operation. Our toolmakers' work also prioritises minimum die lengths and carbide or high-end coatings on the shearing components. Depending on production volumes, we work with multi-cavity dies, modular dies or rapid-change die assemblies at etampa.

Maintenance, servicing, upkeep.

Also part of the toolmaking: etampa pays especial attention to die maintenance and upkeep. Here, intelligent servicing schemes ensure that quality is constantly maintained at the same level. Only dies that work precisely can guarantee precisely stamped or fineblanked parts. At etampa, our declared objectives not only include 100% round-the-clock readiness and wear resistance, but also specify a long useful life and long periods between maintenance.

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