The new Feintool XFT 2500 fineblanking press enables significant productivity growth; total production now comes to around 300 million parts annually

Grenchen, 3 July 2018 - etampa ag has seen its order book and revenue grow by around 10% annually since mid-2016 – with growth rates even trending up further recently. This positive performance has prompted the precision punching and fineblanking manufacturer to invest in new machinery. With the arrival of its new Feintool XFT 2500 fineblanking press - the second of its type in the company's production plant - etampa now has a total of 20 production installations, 11 of which are dedicated to fineblanking. The XFT 2500 weighs an impressive 25 tonnes, is 10.50 m in length (including coil straightener), 4.80 m wide, 3.80 m tall, and has a pressing capacity of 250 tonnes or 2,500 kN. This investment is a milestone for the company not just because of the size of the investment, which is nearly CHF 2 million, but also because this acquisition will enable the stamping and fineblanking specialist to make a quantum leap in productivity and technology leadership. The machine can operate at up to 140 strokes per minute depending on the parts being produced.

Investment in world-class technology

"We are delighted that our success over the past few years has made it necessary to increase our production capacities," says Hans Rudolf Haefeli, owner, CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors of etampa. "When we purchased our first XFT machine four years ago, we were very pleased with its performance, especially as it allowed us to integrate several production steps that had previously been completely separate. As a high-precision manufacturer, we need to invest in world-class technology, since this is the only way we can guarantee our customers technologically superior products." Haefeli has been impressed by the machine's many features – its versatility, short changeover times, outstanding energy efficiency, maximum process security and, last but not least, long tool service life. "All of this guarantees a high rate of production at a consistently high quality level. Machine acceptance testing was completed just five weeks after delivery: “This involved making sure it met its functional specification, and carrying out performance tests and a number of real-time production runs.” Once again, the results were impressive in every respect." The company's total production capacity is currently around 300 million parts per year. "And we're not going to stop there," adds Haefeli with a smile.

Hand in your turned and milled parts at the etampa stand and obtain an alternative quote for stamping or fineblanking

Grenchen/Switzerland, 15 May 2018 - At this year's Stanztec in Pforzheim, etampa AG from Grenchen in the Swiss canton of Solothurn will once again be highlighting the benefits of abandoning well-trodden paths in favour of something new. These benefits are particularly apparent in the manufacturing processes of turning and milling, with many companies giving serious consideration to replacing these production methods with stamping and fineblanking. Thinking outside the box can also prove to be very worthwhile for design engineers who remain focussed on milling and machining their metal parts.

"Despite the apparent effect of forming or shearing forces, too little thought is given to what non-cutting production technologies have to offer," says Hans Rudolf Haefeli, owner, CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors of etampa. "Just a few criteria need to be met in order to stamp or fineblank a part that has previously been turned or milled." The material must be available in the shape of a ring, for example, (and therefore be a rolled product) and it must be malleable, i.e. meet certain flow behaviour requirements. The geometry and material thickness of the part must also be considered.

Up to 30+% cheaper

According to Haefeli, stamping is always advisable for larger production quantities and lightweight designs: "I am firmly convinced that, from the point of view both of the material and geometry, up to 20% of today's turned or milled parts could be stamped. And when you consider that the stamped item will be around 30+% cheaper, then everyone is a winner. The savings potential is considerable".

During Stanztec, etampa is inviting designers to hand in their turned and milled parts or send them drawings. In return, they will receive quickly an alternative quotation for stamping or fineblanking their parts.

etampa at Stanztec:

19 to 21 June 2018

Hall MS-EG, Stand No. B-03

Display of stamped and fineblanked parts at the joint Swiss pavilion

Grenchen/Switzerland, 13 March 2018 – Swiss precision stamping and fineblanking company etampa AG will demonstrate its extensive materials expertise as well as its approach to co-engineering when it makes its first appearance, in the Swiss pavilion, at the Hanover Fair between 23 and 27 April. In Hall 4, Stand no. C 12, the precision manufacturer will be displaying a selection of intricate and complex stamped and fineblanked parts produced using its compound die and progressive die technologies. The sample parts, some of which are less than 1 mm thick, will allow visitors to see the variety of materials the company works with and the post-processing methods on offer.

"The materials we use for stamping and fineblanking are becoming an increasingly important issue," said Hans Rudolf Haefeli, owner, CEO and President of the Board of Directors of etampa. This extends beyond the materials specified by the customer to include the associated production processes and the areas in which the stamped and fineblanked parts are subsequently deployed. That is why more and more of our customers are taking advantage of our stamping and fineblanking expertise at a very early stage in their design process in order to optimise the design and production of their parts and save money when they ultimately go into production."

The company is very much looking forward to the trade show: "We are excited about the prospect of being able to present our stamped and fineblanked parts to an international audience. Feedback received in talks held in the run-up to the trade fair so far indicates that interest will be very high," said Haefeli.

etampa at the Hanover Fair:

23 - 27 April 2018
Joint Swiss Pavilion
Halle 4, Stand No. C 12

Grenchen/Switzerland, 17 October 2016 – etampa AG, the Swiss precision manufacturer for fineblanking and stamping, today announced that Josef Lorenz has been appointed Head of Quality Management. A trained toolmaker, mechanical engineering technician and quality manager, Josef Lorenz has many years of experience in the industry covering stamping technology and plastic injection moulding, among others. His most recent positions have all been in senior management at renowned Swiss suppliers, with a particular focus on quality management and quality assurance. At etampa, he is also responsible for environmental management and for occupational health and safety. Lorenz reports directly to Rudolf Haefeli, the company’s CEO and President of the Board of Directors.

Grenchen/Switzerland and Wehingen/Germany, 6 September 2016 – Stronger together: etampa AG from Grenchen (Solothurn canton, Switzerland), Swiss high-precision manufacturer for stamping and fineblanking, and Werner Bauser GmbH from Wehingen (Badem-Württemberg, Germany), manufacturer of advanced plastic gearing systems, are joining forces to attend this year’s IZB in Wolfsburg (18–20 October 2016).

One particular focus during the trade fair will be on the innovative hybrid gearwheels manufactured by Bauser, which feature a stamped insert component supplied by etampa. The process involves Bauser using plastic to overmould the metal stamped parts produced by etampa. Parts manufactured using this process are primarily used in the automotive and furniture industries, and in household appliances. Plastic gearwheels with stamped parts inserted to form this “hybrid design” are utilised in particular when components need to be especially lightweight or machine noise needs to be reduced.

Grenchen/Switzerland, 30 August 2016 – etampa AG, the Swiss precision manufacturer for fineblanking and stamping, today announced that Ralf Ostheider has been appointed Sales Director, effective summer 2016. A graduate mechanical and industrial engineer, Ostheider has many years of experience in the industry, and his most recent positions have all been in senior management at leading Swiss component suppliers to the forming and stamping sector. Ostheider’s new position at etampa also means he becomes a member of the executive management and reports directly to CEO and President of the Board of Directors Hans Rudolf Haefeli.

Grenchen/Switzerland, 18 May 2016 – Swiss-based stamping and fineblanking specialist etampa AG today announced that it has a new Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Hans Rudolf Haefeli, who has been the owner and President of the company’s Board of Director since 2010, now also takes over the role of CEO. The company parted ways with its previous CEO, Daniel Brügger, by mutual agreement. Brügger will continue to be involved in various projects until the autumn.

Haefeli: “As the company’s owner, the well-being of etampa is, of course, very important to me. I look forward to working closely with our customers and employees and to advancing the company into an exciting and successful future.”

Only 37 out of over 1,200 strategic suppliers enjoy Premium status; 9 of these are new

Grenchen/Switzerland, 20 November 2015 – Continental and Schaeffler, suppliers to automotive manufacturers and to industry, have operated a joint procurement programme for the past six years. They recently held their third joint "Premium Supplier Day" in Herzogenaurach at which they confirmed their current Premium suppliers and named new ones. A total of 37 suppliers from eleven countries were invited to attend, and these included etampa ag, the high-precision stamping and fineblanking producer based in Grenchen, Switzerland. According to the partners, the strict selection criteria for admission into the Continental and Schaeffler Premium Supplier Circle include consistently high quality, a great willingness to innovate, good logistics performance and a global and regional presence. Admission brings substantial benefits for the suppliers, including early involvement in product development projects. Nine suppliers were nominated for the first time, including etampa. There are now three Swiss companies in the circle of 37 premium suppliers.

Daniel Brügger, etampa CEO: "Our admission into the Premium Supplier Circle of Continental and Schaeffler is a great honour and privilege, and something of which we are very proud. We will be working very closely with these companies in the future and look forward to participating in a number of exciting and groundbreaking joint projects."

Majority interest in newly formed "etampa-metra" joint venture: "The stage is set for growth"

Grenchen, Switzerland, 2 June 2015 – Swiss precision stamping and fine blanking manufacturer etampa AG today announced the opening of a second production plant near Brno in the Czech Republic. The new company, a joint venture with Czech company Metra Blansko, will operate under the name of etampa-metra. etampa AG has a 60% majority shareholding in etampa-metra.

Metra Blansko was established in 1911. The portion of the company which is contributed to the joint venture is active in the sheet metalworking industry, producing high-quality metal housings (for ticket vending machines or industrial machinery, for example). The company is also a specialist in post-processing and surface treatments. Its operations thus ideally complement those of the Swiss-based parent company. The newly formed company, which currently employs approx. 70 people, becomes operational with immediate effect.