Ultimate precision and the zero defects strategy embedded as a core component of etampa's corporate philosophy are the preconditions for our unequivocal guarantee: one hundred percent customer satisfaction for all stamping and fineblanking work, as well as every part handled in post-press finishing. This applies to safety aspects in particular, since the sophisticated stamped and fineblanked parts that etampa produces to our customer's exacting requirements almost always play a mission-critical, safety-relevant role in the final product. This applies not only to vehicle brake/safety systems and electric motor components but also to instruments used in medical technology, household appliances or lifestyle products such as toothbrushes, shavers or furniture fittings.

The stamp of customer approval.

Customer satisfaction is the be-all and end-all at etampa: we want your stamp of approval! At etampa, we have an impressive range of designs for parts manufactured by stamping and fineblanking, using both compound and progressive dies. Parts can be deep-drawn, bent, coined, cranked, cross-hole punched, pierced, countersunk, pre-sheared, threaded or stamped with lettering. At etampa, we want the stamp of customer approval!

Solutions for your application.

This section offers some sample descriptions of stamping and fineblanking solutions provided to our customers, including their application scenarios. When can we discuss your project?