The sophisticated stamped and fineblanked parts produced at etampa almost always play a mission-critical, safety-relevant role in the final product. At etampa, we have worked to become experts in manufacturing these highly demanding components. Not least because miniscule non-conformities in these stamped and fineblanked parts – themselves measuring but a few millimetres – can, in a worst-case scenario, put lives in danger. This is particularly true of ABS systems in brakes or components used for in-vehicle ESC (Electronic Stability Control) systems.

Safety for the automotive sector.

In the exacting automotive sector in particular, safety is assured, thanks to etampa's high-precision approach to stamping and fineblanking – even where the relentless advance of functional standards for sub-components is reflected in the trend towards smaller and smaller form factors. Especially for brake systems, maximum reliability is of paramount importance. This is just one of the reasons why etampa utilises specialised leak testing equipment to enable 100% testing of valve seat tolerances.

Stamped and fineblanked solutions.

ABS / ESP / ASP valves: These deep-drawn and compound die stamped and fineblanked parts are used in advanced braking systems for all kinds of vehicles. They are found in braking systems on anything from small cars to vehicle transporter trucks. etampa has a long manufacturing tradition with extensive expertise and experience in the automotive sector.


  Valve sleeve Spring cup Valve seat
Application ABS / ESP ABS / ESP ABS / ESP
Production Procedure Stamping Stamping Fineblanking
Material X4CrNi X4CrNi X4CrNi
Measurements [mm]    ø 6 x 5 x 0.3 ø 8 x 14 x 0.3 ø 13 x 8
Special feature Very close bending tolerances Very precise cross holes Conical seal seating
100% leakage tested