For the automotive sector, stamped and fineblanked parts manufactured by etampa are deployed for applications such as valve regulation, for controlling engine air intake and exhaust outlet ducting, or they are used as enclosures for high-pressure fuel injection pumps. They form an essential part of cylinder deactivation units used for fuel economy and are found in the throttle valve actuators used to regulate air intake in engine supply systems. In the automotive sector, the extensive geometrical variety and material diversity of etampa's components supports their functional roles in the customer-specific subassemblies used in many different engine systems. But, rest assured: etampa is a long-standing specialist in the stamping and fineblanking of such demanding components. That's all-important for the automotive sector: in the worst case, tiny non-conformities in these stamped and fineblanked parts – themselves measuring but a few millimetres – could even cause motor failure.


  Flange Snap ring
Application Throttle valve actuator Motor management
Production Process Fineblanking Fineblanking
Material DC01 C75
Measurements [mm] ø 70 X 42 X 4 ø 17 X 1.2
Special feature Galvanized Hardened, with canded surface