Responsibility and organisation
The executive management is responsible for maintaining an active quality, environmental and occupational safety management system. The explicit assignment of responsibilities, well-defined points of communication, streamlined processes and a sensible organisational concept allow our organisational structure to be continually adapted to meet the current needs of the market. Opportunities and risks and their effects are analysed periodically to be able to react appropriately to changes that are relevant to the company and the public interest. Our management handbook contains the guidelines with which we manage our organisation.

Customer requirements
Our products meet our customers' exacting standards and are manufactured reliably, on-time and to the highest quality using modern, innovative production methods and equipment. Our primary business objective is to deliver superior customer satisfaction through the quality of our products and services.

Training - Motivation - Information
Our business success depends on the performance of our employees; we are therefore committed to supporting their professional development. We provide staff at every level of our organisation with training in quality, environmental and occupational safety matters. The basic and continued training we provide in the above areas motivates and equips our staff to meet the high standards we set for our processes and products. The open dialogue we conduct with the public and involving our employees enables us to reflect on comments and ideas about our daily business.

Legal requirements
It goes without saying that we comply with relevant legal requirements in the fields of quality, the environment and occupational safety. We are committed to taking whatever steps are needed to prevent disease and injury and to doing our very best to continually improve our environmental performance.

Process efficiency
We owe our sustained success against international competition to the cost-effectiveness of our production processes. In order to maintain our standard of "zero defect" quality control, we employ different methods in each of the various processes. We achieve this by making the best possible use of our manufacturing facilities, by employing operational processes that are efficient and safe, and by carefully selecting the most appropriate tools and materials for each job. A high degree of process control is an important factor in preventing disease and injury, and in ensuring active heath management.

Cooperation with partners
We work with partners who are prepared to meet our production requirements in terms of customer focus, quality and environmental compatibility, and who ensure necessary occupational health and safety standards. When needed, we consult authorities, associations and other stakeholders etc. to ensure that we comply with all requirements, especially as regards environmental protection and occupational safety.

Ethical rules and code of conduct
We respect ethical principles as a matter of course. This is why we do not tolerate treating people differently because of origin, religion or gender. Nor do we tolerate inhuman treatment, whether actual or threatened, or sexual harassment. We ensure that we do not trigger or encourage forced or child labour in our operations and make it a point of emphasis that our suppliers do not, either. We do not tolerate bribery, corruption, extortion or embezzlement and are committed to acting professionally, decently and honourably in all our business dealings and relationships worldwide. Observing legally permissible working hours, we ensure that our employees are paid appropriate compensation for their work.

Continuous improvement
By regularly reviewing our processes and making adjustments whenever necessary, we keep pace with changing market needs and endeavour to apply the latest technologies regarding quality, the environment and occupational safety. To do this, we assess the results of internal audits, error analyses and suggestions from stakeholders and staff at every level.