Production speeds for stamping generally range from high to very high indeed. At etampa, we pride ourselves on the fact that the stamping presses we deploy are equipped with the very latest servo-driven technology available. This ensures that stamping press performance is always utilised and applied in the best possible way. Unlike conventional drive systems, servos permit us to either combine high-precision manufacturing with a high rate of output or, while keeping output constant, ramp up the degree of precision achieved for the stamped parts we manufacture. STAMPINGAll of this benefits etampa's customers: output gains of up to 50% are realistically achievable, depending on the stamped parts' geometry and material quality.

At etampa, we use both standard punching presses and high-speed presses, based on the production requirements in question. Stamping strip materials worked include steel and stainless steel, non-ferrous metals, aluminium and titanium. Our entire infrastructure is designed to match material thicknesses from 0.1 mm to 4 mm; most of etampa’s stamped part production is handled by progressive die systems. Taking extremely tight tolerances into account, operations applied to parts may include their being bent, deep-drawn, coined, thread-rolled, cut, ironed or cross-hole punched. Series volumes of stamped parts produced at etampa may exceed as many as 50 million units per year.